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Our Mission

How we see our role

At HVO, we see our mission as one of helping our clients find solutions to their power conversion challenges, whatever those challenges might be.  

Beginning several decades ago, more and more companies have chosen to outsource a greater portion of their design and manufacture, particularly in areas outside their core competencies.   With few firms having extensive high voltage and high power experience, and ourselves having decades in these specialties, it seemed like a perfect match.   We envisioned a company that could address all a client's challenges, from design to procurement.   We would learn about their needs, research, design, prototype, test and outsource.

But when we were contemplating forming this company, we observed that many companies preferred to maintain more control of their supply chains.   Though they would come to us for design, we would offer them the option of arranging production through their own contract manufacturers, promising better control of costs.   All the while, we would be available to help them and their CM's deal with the unique challenges presented by the production of high voltage equipment.   They would maintain manufacturing rights to the designs we provided them, leaving them free to pursue whatever path made the most sense for their circumstances.   They would also have the option of obtaining intellectual property rights, should that be desired.   It was in this "uncoupling" of design from manufacturing in high voltage that we saw our unique value proposition.

We've since developed an extensive library of designs covering a wide range of applications.   We can adapt those designs to meet our clients needs, reducing both development time and cost.   Or, if need be, we can design new solutions just for them.   Afterwards, we'll help set up outsourcing, validating both vendors and processes.   If a client so desires, we can instead provide turnkey services, from design to delivery, working with our own world-class CM.

It's up to you.   We're here to help!