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Design Services

boards to complete systems

With our decades of experience in high-voltage and high-power power conversion, we are eminently qualified to address your design challenges.  We can design circuits, render them into PC boards, and design them into a complete system.  We are happy to undertake any part of the process, or all of it.

With our extensive library of design, chances are that we will have many of the attributes needed for your application. From there, we'll customize them to meet your needs.  Occasionally, your application may not align well with anything in our library.  No worries, we're sure to have faced a similar situation over our many years in the business.


it's right in the name

High Voltage Outsourcing.  Outsourcing is integral to our mission.  Regardless of whether we develop a product for you or you already have a design, we can help you outsource.  We have relationships with world-class contract manufacturers who stand ready to deliver quality product to you in short order.

You say you have a contract manufacturer with whom you're happy?  We can work with your CM to set up manufacture of your product, guiding them through the many special considerations required when dealing with high voltage.

Feasibility Studies

have a good idea?

Perhaps you have a good idea for a product, a technique, an approach, but you're unsure it will work or can be realized into a product. A feasibility study may be your first step.

With the benefit of our experience, we will model your idea, first virtually, and then in hardware, to determine whether the concept merits further development.  Depending upon the difficulty or complexity of the proposal, the process may involve multiple parts and/or iterations, moving from proof of concept to pre-production prototypes.  You can move one step at a time, as budget allows.

Bring us your idea and let's discuss it.

Design & Manufacturing Analysis

not sure where the problem is?

Sometimes you have a design that looks like it should work, but just doesn't.   Or perhaps you or your contract manufacturer are having trouble getting an acceptable yield rate.  Let us analyze your design or processes.  Sometimes it just takes another set of eyes.

We'll bring to bear our long years of experience and knowledge of the intricacies of building high voltage systems to find where things aren't behaving as desired.  Then we'll suggest corrective actions, and snatch success from the jaws of failure!

Legacy Product Support
& Life Extension

keeping them viable

We know many legacy products well  -  we designed many of them!  With many no longer sold or supported, we can offer an alternative to redesign.

Come to us if your legacy product requires support.  Or perhaps you're facing end-of-life on a power supply you've been purchasing, which is meeting your needs.  Speak to us first.  We might be able to save you the cost, risk and headache of redesigning your system.

We can also offer service and design upgrades for your existing systems, to keep them useful for years to come.

If you currently purchase any of these older systems, speak to us about how we can keep those systems working for you.  We might be able to help.

High Voltage Test Equipment Design

the specialized equipment you need

High voltage power equipment is not your garden variety equipment.  It can't be properly and safely tested with everyday test equipment.  For this reason, many companies choose not to test at all, inviting trouble.

We can design test equipment that takes into consideration all the unique requirements for testing high voltage, and doing so safely.  We'll design equipment with a level of automation and safety interlocking appropriate to your processes and personnel, reducing the need for training.

Let's discuss your requirements.